A Template for Persecution and Torture



The apparent goals of persecution (which for some clearly amounts to mental torture) overlaying persistent, extreme U.S. legal system abuse are as follows:


1.  Disparage and discredit targets through legal process; 

2.  Intimidate and perhaps terminate witnesses and/or targets;

3.  Neutralize and eventually preempt the target's access to courts;

4.  Impoverish the targets; and, perhaps . . .

5.  Incarcerate the targets.




The Prototype for Tortuous U.S. Legal System Abuse


The U.S. legal system abuse to which targets of persecution and/or torture are subjected, imposes on them a variety of the following detriments: 



1.  Procedural irregularities (particularly hearing request denials, untimely notice, and/or evidence tampering/destruction);

2.  One or more questionable departures from well-established precedent;

3.  Undisclosed grounds for adverse credibility determinations;

4.  Personal character disparagement;

5.  Total or substantial denial of relief through Judicial Activism, i.e., an arguable usurpation of legislative powers;

6.  Judicial proscriptions that are the functional, civil equivalent of ex post facto law; and/or

7.  Total or substantial denial of relief pursuant to some form of Judicial Engineering.


Catalogued examples of one or more aspects of persecution and/or torture through U.S. legal system abuse are usually gleaned from participants of the following programs:





Catalogue of Alleged Persecution and Torture Through U.S. Legal System Abuse


Complainants Rodney A. Logal, attorney Zena Crenshaw-Logal*, and Dr. Andrew D. Jackson before the U.N. Human Rights Committee for themselves and similarly situated Americans

The complainants are co-founders of multiple nonprofit good government advocacy groups in America. Together these groups challenge every seriously questionable aspect of America's legal system except that some are international human rights advocates. Undoubtedly the most controversial of their initiatives seeks appropriate, but dramatic expansion of U. S. state and federal judicial accountability. Not only are U. S. civil court and municipal code enforcement proceedings used to deprive the complainants of money for this cause  but, of late, judicial rulings in an otherwise mundane civil lawsuit are being contrived to position the Logals for specious criminal prosecution.  In describing violations of their human rights, the complainants attest to a persistent, national pattern of persecution which for innumerable Americans is torture proscribed by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment; and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  

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