Persecution and Torture

Through U.S. Legal System Abuse 

A template for persecution and torture

The prototype for U.S. legal system abuse 

We stopped considering it "due" process


In 2010, after years, sometimes decades in the metaphorical trenches, trying to vindicate the federal rights of average Americans through domestic legal processes, a coalition of U.S.-based good government advocates reported to the United Nations that "the ability of average Americans to effectively petition their government is so diluted or compromised that what would otherwise be our constitutional and universal human rights are no more than privileges, doled out at government discretion." It took nearly five (5) more years for some advocates from that coalition to confirm underlying patterns of abuse.

A perfect storm of inaction


"(I)n a society composed entirely of honest whistleblowers the introduction of just one 'company man' inevitably resulted in the complicit behaviour spreading like a virus to the whole society."  And so we learned from two University of Bath doctoral students that a "tendency to follow the herd rather than whistleblow may be part of our evolutionary past".  But among embattled whistleblowers, formulations of this question occasionally emerged, "If organizing is the weapon of the oppressed, why are we stuck on mobilizing?"  Then came Spring 2015 and answers from  Shreya Mandal, JD, LMSW